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Design Manager (Jan - Jul 2012)

Breathe was created in 2012 as part of the Olympic opening celebrations in Weymouth, for the London 2012 Sailing events. More specifically Breathe was produced by Diverse City, a company who create work with equal opportunity, diversity and integration. To date it remains to be is the largest scale project I have worked on; the show featured an integrated cast of 64 disabled and non-disabled performers from the UK and Brazil performing aerial work from cranes 20-foot above Weymouth beach. 


The designs were created in collaboration with students studying costume design at Arts University Bournemouth; as Design Manager I then combined these 20 sets of designs into a collective of costumes. I also co-ran a series of 10 community workshops to create the costumes, as well as making many of the costumes too.

Watch the video

Photography © Diverse City

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