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Off the Scales - Musical Production

Lead Creator & Writer  (June 2020 - Present)

Lead creator and writer of ‘Off the Scales’ a new musical in development, supported by funds from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants.


I am working with a carefully selected team of experienced theatre-makers to explore the themes of weight loss groups. The concept is born from my experience of being a Weight Watchers member and having experienced  what happens when a group of people, who wouldn’t ordinarily meet, come together to support each other on a weekly basis. 

The initial R&D phase included: interviews with individuals from the weight-loss group community, writing residency and script development, devising and ideas testing residency with team & actors, invite only online sharing for arts sector peers and community participants.

 I have been awarded a Stage One Bursary to develop my commercial producing skills connected to the development of this musical.

Kate Support Group OffTheScales print
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