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First Encounters: The Tempest 

Designer (Jun 2016 - Mar 2017)

I worked as the Designer (costume and set) for The Royal Shakespeare Company's touring production, entitled 'First Encounters Shakespeare: The Tempest', targeting younger audiences, predominately aged 8 - 13 years. This toured to schools across the UK, as well as some regional theatres, including runs at The RSC stages 'The Swan' and 'The Other Place' in Stratford-on-Avon.


The production faced exciting challenges such as having to work both end-on and in the round, as well as a 90min get in period, a hefty touring schedule and being sited in both theatres and school halls. 

It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with the talented creatives at The RSC, especially accessing the costume workroom - with the brilliant Costume Superviser Zarah Meherali - and set workshop. Directed by Aileen Gonsalves, Produced by Jake Bartle, Composed by Sinead Jones

Full project details via The RSC website>

Production photography by Elle de Burgh © The Royal Shakespeare Company

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