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Museum of Memory

Commissioned Artist (Jan - Nov 2016)

I was initially commissioned by Quest South West to work with the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust (SDRT) to R&D how to build relationships between artists and non-arts organisations, and create future opportunities for outdoor work creation in the South West, with a focus on documenting the process. View the project blog here. The success of the project is self-evident through a continued working relationship between the SDRT and I, as we raised HLF funding to commission me to create a new art installation and performance piece - Museum of Memory – which explored the memories and oral histories connected with this historic railway, as part of their 50th Anniversary programme.


I devised, designed, produced and starred in this piece, which teamed heritage, museums, performance, with audience development and engagement. This toured to a variety of locations across Somerset and Dorset, including libraries, museums, schools and Alzheimer's UK Memory Cafes, following the original train line route, between June and November 2016, totalling 18 performance dates and 22 locations. 


My core collaborators on this project were Lorna Rees (working as director and co-performer) and Lizzy Maries (working as tour manager and co-performer). 

Full details about the project lives on the Museum of Memory website. Click top left image for project video. 

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