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On the Razzle

I designed the costumes for a production of On the Razzle, produced for the MA Acting graduates from ArtsEd, London. Directed by Dan Bird with set design by Katie Lias. The piece was set in the 1970’s, with Dan and I quickly deciding on a British sit-com feel, to match the slap-stick comedy of the play.

The design was inspired by many popular classics from the BBC sitcom 70’s era, including Are you being Served? and Faulty Towers. I had great fun pulling these costumes together and created a muted colour pallet. Equally fun was developing the shop-workers and a ‘Scout badge’ system to represent the ‘ranks’ played within the shop clerks roles; Weinberl decorated with several vegetable badges and poor Christopher with a single carrot badge!

Photography © Katie Lias

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